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New Mother's Day scent "Sweet Mama Rosè" available now in our natural body butter, 8oz body scrub, and gift set.


How do I use the exfoliating body scrubs?
1. You damp the area you want to exfoliate with water (just a little water, not completely soaked)
2. Take about a quarter sized amount for smaller areas such as your hands/feet. You can use more for larger areas.
3. Exfoliate your skin by rubbing it together in a circular motion. This is when the product is working its magic!
4. Continue rubbing the area until you feel the sugar has started to dissolve or you are satisfied with the exfoliation.
5. Rinse all of the sugar scrub off with plain water, no soap. Soap will remove all of the product you just applied.
6.Enjoy how smooth your skin feels after you dry the body part you chose to exfoliate!


How do I use the body butter? 
  You use it just as you would your basic lotion, whenever your skin feels dry or after a shower, apply it to your skin. The difference between body butters and lotions is that lotions are usually water-based products that involve synthetic chemicals to create a moisture barrier, whereas body butters are usually more natural and thicker consistency.

What are the little white dots appearing in my body butter, has it gone bad?
    The little white dots that may appear does not mean the product has spoiled! Those dots occur when natural butters (like mango or shea) has been heated/melted in extreme temperatures and cooled quicker than the other ingredients, causes a reconsolidation of the fast natural found in the butter.  It's still perfectly safe to use and the dots should melt as soon as it is applied to the skin.  
Most companies prefer not using these natural, unrefined butters for this exact reason but here at Sweet Harmoni, we prefer to provide the highest quality of nourishment, which comes from ingredients in their most natural state. 
Is the adult truth or dare drinking game skincare related?
No, despite Sweet Harmoni being a natural skin and hair care company, this game is completely unrelated. 

If I don't live in Georgia, am I still able to receive the product?
Yes, we ship products throughout the entire U.S. as well as Canada and the U.K.